Social Media for Authors: The Bublish Tool

Whether you love it or hate it social media for authors is a necessity. At the very least, having a social media presence is a positive for your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and if used properly with a big enough following, can drive traffic to your website, Amazon page or book signings.

What a lot of people struggle with especially those of an older generation, is how to use social media properly, how to post things that inspire “shares” and not just “likes,” and how to post things that might inspire someone to actually buy your book. 🙏👍 !

Enter Bublish.

Bublish is a few years old and has apparently gone through a couple of iterations. At its current state, it bills itself as a book creation and marketing platform. It calls its users “authorpreneurs,” and has two levels for authors: a free emerging author account, and the Authorpreneur account ($9.99/month) that allows authors:

  • The ability to upload unlimited books
  • the ability to write your book in Bublish and market it while you write
  • Have a Public Author Profile
  • Tracking tools to track your social media metrics
  • Exclusive Programs that the website describes as “special offers and discounts from Bublish and its partners
  • Premium Resources that the site describes as exclusive book marketing videos and tutorials.


At its core is the Book Bubble. The Book Bubble is a pretty fancy-looking formatted post that allows authors to feature a piece of their work- like a chapter or a piece of the book they are writing as well as notes written by the author describing the piece or their thoughts behind it- a behind the scenes look at their work.

The idea is that this Book Bubble can be then shared across your social media accounts (and email) and have it ideally read, shared and possibly have your book bought using one of the buy buttons already formatted in the bubble.

The bubble is also featured on Bublish’s “Bubble Stream” on its website.

I noticed some of the bubbles being shared by Bublish on their Twitter feed (they have over 15k followers so that’s nice.)

I reached out to Bublish to find out the process of them sharing the bubbles and this is what they said:

“To answer your question, we tweet out all our authors book bubbles whether they are paying are freemium members of Bublish. All the authors have to do is create a book bubble and tweet it with @BublishMe in the tweet (so we can see it in our stream) and we will share it with our Twitter followers.

Also, we spotlight a “Bubble of the Week” every Tuesday morning and have the Weekend Reader Marathon to showcase the newest bubbles on the platform every Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, we take that same group of bubbles and place them in Bublish’s Floating Bookstore for even more exposure. In short, we put a lot of eyes on authors’ book content through book bubbles.”

I decided to sign up for a free account on Bublish so I could show you how easy or difficult it is, and eventually report back results. I also wanted to show you what these “book bubbles” look like 😀.

Bublish Set-Up Step By Step:

When you sign up for a free account, Bublish asks you to create your author profile. This is your basic biography along with a “headshot” or photo you might want to upload. Then it asks you to upload your book (1 book for the free account) in an .epub format. The reason for this is it allows them to access your book for bubbles and the format is readable by all eReaders.

Once your done with that you come to a screen on your dashboard to create your bubble. You can scroll through your book and find the appropriate chapter. By dragging and highlighting the text you can then hit the “Submit Excerpt” button:

Bublish 1st screen

bublish 2nd screen

Then you come to a screen where you can give your excerpt a Title whether it’s the same as the chapter title or something different, and then give your won “behind the scenes” account:

Bublish 3rd screen

Once your done, Bublish shows you a mock up of what the bubble will look like- like I said earlier it’s a nicely formatted, ready-made “post.”

Bublish 4th screen

Once you click on one of the social media “publish icons” it shows you what your tweet (in this case) will look like and prompts you to send the tweet:

bublish 5th screen

On this page, you can see what my actual tweet looked like once I sent it:

bublish 6

This page shows the Bubble Stream that features all of the individual bubbles:

bubl stream

The Takeaways:

I cannot comment too much on how successful promoting on Bublish will be since I have not tracked my own bubble yet, but there are some positive testimonials on the website.

It seems to me that a lot of the success is going to depend- like all of social media on two things: the size of your following, and the shareability of the content. The formatting looks pretty sharp so that might itself lead to more shares. Also, for the email feature, you must send emails individually- no bulk emailing like an auto-responder.

Whether or not your bubble will be viewed on the Bublish site depends to a large extent on the awareness of the reading public about the Bublish site and its traffic. After a cursory check, it appears the site itself gets about 10k views per month which is not too bad.

Should you use it?

$9.99 per month is not too steep, but it all adds up. I would say that if you only have one book, the free account should suffice. If, however, you have multiple books, and they are in a genre that might lend itself well to social media sharing, the authorpreneur account might be worth a look!

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